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Printed: 19.12.2018 04:09:01

Advertising in SPACESYNTH.NET

It is possible to advertise in SPACESYNTH.NET. Currently there are three options to choose from:


1. Forum advertising

Forum advertising is inline advertising between the forum posts. Advertisements can be images or html (text advertising). Advertisement is show time based. The shows can be used as you wish, but minimum is 3000 shows (aprox. 1 month) per advertisement.

Pricing: 50 € / 20000 shows (approx. 6 months view time)


2. Discography Buy Now links

Discrography Buy Now links offer labels easy way to direct people from our discrography album pages directly into label's own webshop (or 3rd party webshops) to buy the album in hand. We regulary have inquiries about where those albums can be bought, so direct links can definetely increase your sales.

Pricing: 20 € / 1 year / max. 20 albums (albums listed on our discrography sold by you as a label or distributor)


3. Front page banner

Not available.

Banner size: 632 x 120 pixels


Statistics on SPACESYNTH.NET

Currently (March 2009) there are about 7500 unique visitors monthly. It's has increased around 2000 over the last year and it is increasing steadily. Most busy hours are between 20-24 (Finnish time GMT+02). Top countries of visitors are (in order of number of visitors) Poland, Finland, Russia, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands and Sweden. About 50% of traffic goes to main site, 50% to the forums. About 1/3 of all total traffic goes to the front page, which is about 2500 unique visitors per month. There is also a lot of traffic coming in from one Chinese music site.

Contact and payment

For more information and inquiries contact Jouni Airaksinen by email at address markvera(@) (remove brakets).

Payments can be done with IBAN/SWIFT wiretransfer or with PayPal.