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From the interviews on this website we have got information about what music equipment composers used back in the 80s. This tutorial will give some help for those that are interested to get the sound of the 80s without the need to buy all that hardware stuff.
Vocoders. Don't we all love them? Atleast when used in a good way. I've been asked several times by different artists how to make vocoders. Usually I've been told that it's hard or they cannot sing well, they don't like their own voice or some other excuse which prevents making vocoders. Another common question is which vocoder to use to get good results. I hope that we now can break some of those myths and recommend few software vocoder plugins.
This tutorial is based upon a few VSTis that are available for free, just to show that it is possible to make spacesynth music without buying expensive synths.
This tutorial introduces you to compose Spacesynth music with the help of example song which different voices are explained in more detail.


During the years we have seen Huib Schippers being involved in different musical projects like Syntech, Trilithon, Astral Projection, etc. In 2006 his name came up again when the album Syntech Best Of Volume 2 was released. We got in contact with Huib to ask him some questions about his music career and we were positively surprised by the detailed and long answers that he gave us. He remembers everything in detail just like it happend yesterday. Read about his musical journey that, for example, involves a total change of music equipment from hardware to software.
Alpha Centauri. The record company which releases spacesynth music - the music we love so much. We interviewed Maciej Repetowski, the heart of the company, and he tells how Alpha Centauri got started, how the company is today and what the future has reserved for us.
Robert Ludwinski, better known as Synthesis comes from Poland and released the album 'Space Travels' for AXIS Records (now Alpha Centauri) in 2005. Currently Synthesis is planning to release a follow-up album 'Solar Empire' and is involved in a new project called 'Virtual Device'. Robert was interviewed by Spacemaniak and interview has been translated by Adi and spellchecked by Krizz. We would also like to thank Matek for providing the interview.
During 2007 Hypersound Productions has been the most productive label in the spacesynth genre while counting the number of releases. We have earlier read about Humphrey Robertson in person in other interviews but so far no one has made an interview about their label. Therefore we got in contact with the owners of the label, Patrizia and Humphrey, and asked them about their journey with the company and how they see the future of the spacesynth genre.
We are all familiar with Edwin van der Laag's name from the cover of the Laserdance albums, and some of us are lucky to own the rare Syntech albums that he made in a co-operation with Huib Schippers. Now when his name is actual because of the release of the new Syntech album Best Of Volume 2, we took the chance to interview him.
When the latest Laserdance album Strikes Back was released, we could see a brand new name on the albumcover. Julius Wijnmaalen's name popped up from nowhere and with his album he used a style on some of the songs that hasn't been included on any earlier Laserdance album. As we couldn't find any information about him, we contacted Julius through his friend Marcello d' Azzurro to ask him about his Laserdance album and his view of the Spacesynth genre. After Julius had answered our questions he also gave us some songs that was recorded back in 1993, which have never been released before. The songs are not made in the spacesynth style, so they show other musical side of Julius than the spacesynth songs that we could hear on his Laserdance album. You can now download the songs which are available at the end of this interview.
Biomechanical Structure, the debut album by Vocoderion was released by AXIS Records in July 2005. Previously a guitar player in rock bands, she eventually got interested in spacesynth after hearing 'The Challenge' by Laserdance. To date, she has performed live many times along with other artists. We had a chance to interview the woman behind Vocoderion, Aleksandra Koszewska.
Now when every true fan got (of course?) Gustaf's album Xain - Born in the Stars, it's time to get to know the man behind that outstanding album. Some of us know Gustaf Grefberg's long history with music as LizardKing, and some know only his contribution to Hypersound. Gustaf was very keen to be interviewed and it shows in his answers. So after reading this interview, you definetly know a lot more about Gustaf!
Born in October 1973 and living in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, Marco Rochowski entered the world of spacesynth on Synthesizer Dance Volume 3 in 2001 with 'Into Eternity'. Soon after, Macrocosm project was founded with Anders Lundqvist - a musician from Sweden who had been producing music for Hypersound Productions since 1999. To date, two Macrocosm albums have been released, both being very successful.
We decided to interview Rob van Eijk now that he's back in the business with Michiel. We asked several questions about the old good times when Laserdance was up in the charts and questions what Rob is doing nowdays. Rob also enlights us with answers to some hardware questions, how the titles were born eg. to old classic Laserdance and Proxyon songs. Also secrets of the vocoders are now being revealed, or is the mystery still a mystery? You can find that out now yourself..


There is always something special when the old legends are back in business. They are familiar to every fan, they are inspiration to many, young musicians are trying to follow their footsteps. Like now, when Rygar, a spacesynth duo formed by two legendary spacesynth musicians Michiel van der Kuy and Rob van Eijk, is back with their officially first album. Every spacesynth fan is familiar with their background, and now especially spacesynth hits like "Star Tracks" and "Space Raiders". So, how does new Rygar sound in 2012?
Galaxion (Antti Hakala) has had an eventful year musically with the successful cooperation with his singing sister Martta, and now recently the release of his debut spacesynth album on Alpha Centauri records.
"One and All" is propably the most interesting album by Anosphere so far. Even though it is stylistically very much like the previous albums, it offers also some different and interesting aspects.
Anosphere alias Stefan Bieri's third album has been released in 2009, so it was about time to review it. The album is more dancey to my ears than his previous albums. Not too much, if you ask me. It still sounds spacesynth music with the same mood and twist as we have get used to from him.
The debut album by Lauri Turjansalo, alias Dreamtime, is one of the most anticipated albums of this decade in the spacesynth world. That is because of the very good quality material he has offered us from the past releases. Now the waiting is over and it is time to look and listen to what kind of package the album entitled Farout really offers.
Marek Adamczyk alias A.M. Samurai is a well known spacesynth musician from the several past releases. This year he completed his debut album and released it through Space Sound Records. It has been about three months since the release so it is about the time to review it.
"The Hunter at the far end of the galaxy" takes us on a guided journey through space and time. On what class do we travel musically?
A sunny midsummer evening two and a half years ago I was stunned by a festival-concert. Four Basildon lads had just performed a seamless & professional one, still with their hearts out in the open for the audience to embrace. My love for Depeche Mode (DM) thus was set in stone. I love spacesynth too by the way. Imagine then my delight in discovering Spacesound Records' plans about assembling the top notch of spacesynth artists to make their own cover versions of handpicked songs of DM! Finally the album is out. Now, does Spacesound succeed in meeting my great expectations, by taking me back to the state of that summer night made possible by such quality and passion?
What we have here is traditional 80s music with distinct and clean sounding basslines. Unfortunately there's already plenty of this type of music and, for me, the album doesn't stand out enough. But it's well done 80s music and replicates that 80s feeling and style superbly.
Sometimes you run into a piece of music that shows potential but lacks something important to be good. I usually don't let mediocre soundquality ruin my listening experience, especially if the music is well composed. But unfortunately with the debut album of Cyber Space odd leveling of sounds and mediocre melodic content prevent me from getting a fully pleasant experience.
Thomas Gillert aka Spaceraider entered the spacesynth universe in 2004 with his album 'Journey into Space'. It somewhat suffered from low production quality but made clear Thomas' compositional skills. Thomas has now teamed up with Marek Kolodynski, a DJ living in the USA, who is a co-producer of the album and is for example responsible for the lyrics on vocoder tracks. Space Project's first album 'Beyond Imagination' reminds strongly of Spaceraider 'Journey into Space' sound but takes a leap forward - both musically and technically.
The brilliant album cover made by Kaisu Airaksinen (Mark Vera's younger sister) definitely makes this to an interesting album. Electron has been very generous during the latest time and giving us the chance to download many of their songs for free on the web, therefore we are all familiar with their music and we knew that we could expect high quality music from them this time. The release of this album has been mentioned in the forums for almost a year now and let's go through the album part by part and see if it was worth the long waiting.
So finally the eighth volume of Hypersound's successful Synthesizer Dance collection serie is available. The initial idea with these albums was to give new artists a chance to release their songs on a album before they had enough material for a complete album. This must have changed during the years as half of the songs on this album are made by Gustaf Grefberg and Humphrey Robertson which both have released solo albums during the years. Probably the need for this kind of album is not so big any longer as some of the artists will probably release own albums soon anyhow.
Vocoderion is the first woman composer doing spacesynth and this makes her album, "Biomechanical Structure", unique. This is also one of the last releases by AXIS Records before the company changed name into Alpha Centauri.
Space Travels is promoted as a tribute to the masters of spacesynth so I had a pretty good idea what the album would sound like. Synthesis takes a stab at classic Laserdance style using same tempos, similar sounds and arrangements. Sometimes Synthesis is trying to be even too much like the predecessors because the album suffers from same symptoms as some classic tracks.
It is great to see that the pioneers of spacesynth, Rob and Michiel, are back with the same productivity as they had back in the 80s. This album was available just one year after their previous album Jupiter Beyond was released. Therefore it was interesting to hear if also this album would bring some fresh ideas to the genre.
The album cover and the name Xain gives the album a quite anonymous impression, but don't let the cover mislead you. If the cover would have been made by a real artist and if the name of the musician would have been Lizardking, or Gustaf Grefberg, then I'm sure that the album would have given a more interesting impression. People that have followed Gustaf Grefberg's contribution to Hypersound's Synthesizer Dance serie knows what we could expect from this album.
When this album was released I felt that I didn't need to hear the soundsample at Hypersound's website before I bought the album, as these musicians have only been released good music on their previous albums. My expectation of this album was quite high, and when I saw the impressive album cover my expectation went even higher...