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The idea behind Area 51 is a continuation of Michiel van der Kuy's solo project, Rygar. The creator of Rygar is a well known person for every synthdance fan. He is the man behind many Laserdance, KOTO and Proxyon tracks, one of the greatest synthdance composers and producers ever.

During the latter half of 80's, Michiel van der Kuy established his own record label, called "Made Up Records". His label was releasing mainly italo disco music, composed and produced entirely by Michiel.

There were also some instrumental tracks released (under the name of "Rygar"): "Space Raiders", "Star Tracks", "Hexameron" and "Adagio". Although those synthdance tracks gathered large popularity, a full lenght album of Rygar hasn't been released at that time.

Michiel van der Kuy

Michiel Van Der Kuy

Michiel van der Kuy decided to go back to synthdance a few years ago. In 2001, there was an unofficial (bootleg) Rygar record, entitled "The Album". Although released as a CDR, it sold in many copies via unauthorized sales.

Changes in his life (he moved to Spain and now lives there with his wife and daughter) made him to set his project apart for a while.

After settling down and establishing a recording studio, Michiel contacted his old friend Rob van Eijk and this gave a birth to a new synthdance project, called "Area 51".

Rob van Eijk

Rob Van Eijk

Rob van Eijk is also a well known synthdance composer (Proxyon, Laserdance). He is a great musician and a studio guru.

Intriguing and complex arrangements of Proxyon tracks made him one of the brightest stars in the pantheon of "old" synthdance masters.

He moved away from making music in the 90s for obvious reasons (synthdance was not trendy in the 90s), but now, thanks to Area 51 project, his talent and studio skills have emerged again in full glory.


Michiel van der Kuy (1999-05-22)
Rob van Eijk (2005-07-28)

Michiel and Rob

Michiel and Rob composed the material for a new album quickly. The question emerged, who was going to publish it? Humphrey Robertson from Hypersound (Michiel's old mate) decided to release "Jupiter Beyond" via his label. The CD turned out to be an incredible success, especially in Germany and Netherlands.

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