Stefan Olsson born 1977 in Trelleborg, Sweden. Grew up with his parents and one younger brother and one older in the small coastal town of Trelleborg. Interest in music began around age of 6, when he started to sneak into his older brother's room in the purpose of listen to his great records of the 80's - mainly synth music. Bands like Alphaville, Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Fad Gadget, Kraftwerk, Hipnosis, Indochine, Trans-x, Boytronic and Page soon became his favourites and still are. He says he has loved the genre since then.

In the late 80's Stefan discovered Italodisco and directly fell in love with this kind of music. Still today when he finds great old songs from synth and Italodisco bands, those songs make hin excited again and again.

His composer career started much later. In the year 1990 he bought his first computer - Amiga 500. After having borrowed a bunch of software from a friend he soon explored the great program "Noisetracker". the journey of music creating had begun. 1992 he was lucky that the school he went to, had a synthesizer (Roland U20) and an Atari 520ST with the sequencer software Cubase. All free time he had in school he was stuck working with this equipment making covers of synth songs. A few years later he had the chance to buy this stuff from the music teacher and he did. He expanded my collection of synthesizers with Juno-106, Korg DW-8000 and Korg 01/Wfd.

Today he mainly works with software programs. Cubase SX, Reason, Fruity Loops Studio and lots of VST synths. In the year 2000 he had the joy of joining the band "Melody Lane" and he was very honoured to do so. "Melody Lane" is based on minimal synthpop. After some time they didn't do anything new and put the project to a break.

In the meantime Stefan started to work on his own solo music project "FELLIN" which is still going strong. He's also caught in the music project "Sayonara". They played together for about one year. In "Sayonara" there was basically the same members as in "Melody Lane", just a different singer and they added female voice too. This project had more of an Italodisco sound in it. The rest is future...

FELLIN is Stafan's own solo project. You can say that this music is a hybrid of catchy synthpop, italodisco and spacesynth. His strength in this music are the melodies. It's mainly instrumental and the lyrics are rare in FELLIN songs. Maybe he will develop this in the future. A good thing about his music is that the songs do not sound the same as he uses several different sounds and always finds new ones to work with.

Studio Equipment


Intel Pentium 4 processor with HT Technology 3,0GHz

Software Programs:

Fruity Loops Studio
Cubase SX
Cool Edit Pro 2.0
Reason 2.0
WaveLab 5.0

Software Synths:

SimSynth 2.0
Pro 52 - Native Instruments
FM7 - Native Instruments
Various VST Synths and Plugins

Hardware Synths:

Korg 01/Wfd
Korg DW-8000
Novation Basstation Rack
Yamaha DX-7


Technics Stereo Receiver SA-EX510


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