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Myvoice is a synthdance project made by Jukke Lundqvist. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1971. He has moved to Finland four years later and still lives there. He has made music with computers since 1995, mostly with software called Fasttracker. He has released (in MOD format) a bunch of synthdisco songs. Modules like "Alertia", "Nosmo King", "Stonecow" are great examples of Jukke's composing and arranging skills.

With no doubt, he is one of the most creative artist in today's synthdance music scene. Nowadays Myvoice has changed tracker software to better quality equipment and he still makes synthdance music with great passion. He has done also some colloborations with other spacesynth artist, Protonic Storm (aka. Krzysztof Radomski). Jukke is featured on all of his albums with tracks like "Protonic Voices" (2001), "Sky Exceeders (Follow the Stars)" (2003), "Return of Nosmo King" (2012) and "Dreamscape" (2012).

Colloborations with other artists

Protonic Storm "Cosmoloque" (2012, Self published) (FLAC, mp3)
Protonic Storm "Epsilon" (2001, Hypersound Productions) (CD)
Protonic Storm "Inner Travelling" (2002, Hypersound Productions) (CD)

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