Lone Starr

Lone Starr is a synthdance project made by Karel Post, a producer and composer known from his music production company Cybermax Music. He works on Italo Synth Dance now, because he rediscovered the Italo-Sound he used to love when he was a teenager (this happened because he met Michiel van der Kuy who told him that there is an interest in this 80's sounding music style again).

Karel Post is going to take it up as a serious music project now, and he will keep producing Italo Synth Dance music under the name "Lone Starr" on a high quality level. Musically following the footsteps of Laserdance, Hypnosis, Ciber People and foremost Koto.

In his opinion, there is so much new music being written and produced using modern "state of the art" technology both good and bad, but to him there is one very important thing missing. The truly sensational synthesizer sound produced by artists like Koto, Martinelli, Laserdance and Fancy back in the 1980's.

That's why he came into idea to bring back the great sound of the 80's by producing his music in exactly the same way! That is, by using the same great instruments the classic artists used when writing and producing those unforgettable electronic masterpieces which have clearly survived the test of time.

As a side note, you really want to see his studio. It's "really" a starship birdge.



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