Mark Vera

Mark Vera, founded in September 2002, is a synthdance project from Finland made by Jouni Airaksinen. Before that Jouni had been going with several other project names since he began composing music in 1993 at the age of 14. The passed years have made Jouni a talented composer and producer in various genres of electronic music. Right now his passions are synthdance and ambient. The Mark Vera synthdance is new style synthdance pioneering the future of synthdance.

Jouni was born in 1979 - just in time for spending childhood in the 80's. Big fan of Jean-Michel Jarre which indeed has a big influence on his music. It was just only couple of years ago when Jouni switched into sequencer and midi which was the reason for Mark Vera project to born.

Today he is using Orion Platinum software with several software synthesizers and big sample library. Plans for building up his studio are underway and it already holds Roland Juno-106, Roland JX-8P, Yamaha AN1x and Yamaha CS6x.

Although music is a big part of Jouni's life, he is also talented graphician and computer software programmer. Owner of two (space) cats, and one of administrators of this website.


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