Mechanical Principle

John R. Mirland’s (Mechanical Principle, Holm/Mirland, MEP, VHS, Feuerkopf, Mirland) first demo tape “VHS” was released in 1994. It was noisy. lo-fi and very strange – created entirely from samples on an Amiga 4000 together with Lars W. Jørgensen (Zwoo).

John R. Mirland’s been beating the drums in various bands, remixing for artists like Leaether Strip and Geodesic, releasing minimal electronica (an ep "Cerebral Reducing Valve" got released with the help of Shinto Records in 2010), acid house and industrial until the debut ep as Mechanical Principle “Outpost” got released in 2012 by Audio Visual Algebra, New York.

2013 will see the release of the the debut album "Voyager" on Audio Visual Algebra.

John R. Mirland uses a selection of vintage analogue synths and samples everything from household items to passengers on the train. Growing up with italo, space and synth pop he loves 4/4 and lush melodies.

Parallel to Mechanical Principle John R. Mirland is 50% of Holm/Mirland - a danish industrial outfit.

When not recording and remixing in his home studio in the dark corners of Jutland, Denmark John R. Mirland is a recognized fine art painter and senior graphic consultant specialized in user interface design.


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