Protonic Storm

Krzysztof Radomski

Protonic Storm is a synthdance project by Krzysztof Radomski. The creator of Protonic Storm lives in Kowary, Poland. Krzysztof has been making music since 1997, mainly synthdance, but sometimes also psychedelic trance and ambient. At first he put some of his tracks to, then to sites like (formerly known as and

Making a contact with Hypersound Productions resulted the release of "Epsilon" album. Krzysztof's second album, "Inner Travelling" was also published by this label in 2002. These albums also started his cooperation with another spacesynth artits Jukke "MyVoice" Lundqvist, as he is featured on all Protonic Storm's albums. On the following years, he involved in some compilations and megamixes from Alpha Centauri and Space Sound Records until his third album, "Cosmoloque", was released in 2012. The album, featured Jukke Lundqvist again, was released as digital download only on his Bandcamp site with no label involved.


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