Samurai is a new synthdance project made by Marek Adamczyk, born in 1975, a composer and producer of electronic music from Poland. Marek has been interested in music since he was a little boy. He has started to play on his family's piano (Liegnitz from 1905). Later he has discovered computers (ZX Spectrum). Marek has started to create some music on it, but was limited by its audio chip. Later he has equipped his computer (Timex 2048 at that time) with 2 AY-8910 sound chips.

Now he uses PC computer with Sound Blaster Audigy card and a midi masterkeyboard together with various tracker software. Recently, he has discovered Buzz, a virtual music production system, to which he would like to switch in the nearest future.

Besides music making, Marek is interested in graphics, tourism, photography, mountain biking and modern dance.



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