Trilithon is a synthesizer project made by Huib Schippers in 1990. Huib has been making and producing music since 1984. His first success was cooperation with Edvin van der Laag which has resulted in Syntech project. In 1991, the first single from Trilithon, "Choice" was released and in 1992 track called "Children of The Future" has became great hit all over Europe. Those tracks were made in Trance style with strong beat and a lot of arpeggios.

At both Trilithon's albums such tracks coexist with synthdance and ambient tracks, which makes music from Huib Schippers really unique. Trilithon's music contains elements of Techno, Psychedelic Trance and Synthdance, together with an addiction of traditional electronic music - a strange, but working mixture... Today, Huib Schippers is involved more into Trance scene. He has worked together with a famous Goa-Trance group Astral Projection lately.


Huib Schippers (2008-12-29)

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