Various Artists "Space Holidays Vol. 2" (2010) (mp3)

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Various Artists

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Space Holidays Vol. 2


Space Sound Records

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Executive Producers

Marek Kolodynski



Tracks (15 tracks, total play time 1:19:52)

1.Peter Arcade  We Where4:53
2.Rygar  The Eagle5:11
Composed and Produced by Michiel van der Kuy, Rob van Eijk
3.Galaxy Hunter  Christmas in Beverly Hills4:36
Composed and Produced by Zbigniew Danielewicz
4.Dreamtime  Somewhere Out in Space4:28
Composed and Produced by Lauri Turjansalo
5.Mirko Hirsch  (It Started) With a Spark5:00
6.Axis Mundi  Contact (Original Mix)8:12
Composed and Produced by Carlos Amoyan
7.Synthesis  Another World8:31
Composed and Produced by Robert Ludwinski
8.Vanello  Planet X-mas4:30
Composed and Produced by Razvan Dumitru Voicu
9.Galactic Warriors  Space Patrol Orion5:32
10.Vision Talk  Nova3:52
11.Riccardo Campa  Maybe You4:36
12.Synth Void  Mystic Monk5:33
13.Galaxy Hunter  Holiday Story4:18
Composed and Produced by Zbigniew Danielewicz
14.Cyber Space  Angel Eyes4:14
Composed and Produced by Andreas Mohr
15.Mirko Hirsch  Fire (Marco Rochowski Remix)6:26
Various Artists "Space Holidays Vol. 2" (2010) (mp3) (Front Cover)

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Various Artists "Space Holidays Vol. 2" (2010, Space Sound Records) (mp3)