Various Artists "Space Holidays Vol. 5" (2013) (MP3)

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Various Artists

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Space Holidays Vol. 5


Space Sound Records

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Executive Producers

Marek Kolodynski


Spacesynth, Italo Disco

Tracks (28 tracks)

1.Alphawave  Timeless Dream 
2.Bellatrix  Knigths of Planets 
3.Delgado  Summer of 85 
4.Dreamtime  Hexadecimal Memories (Remix) 
5.Galactic Warriors  Time Travellers 
6.Holomatrix  Journey to The Unknown 
7.Mind Vision  Technology 
8.Mirko Hirsch  Analog Dream 
9.Rygar  From The World to The Sun 
10.Staffan Ohman  Back to Alderaan 
11.Synth Void  Magnetic Waves 
12.Synthaurion  Guests from The Farthest End 
13.Synthesis  Distant Planet 
14.Syrian  Runner in The Night 
15.Alphawave  Infrared Vision (Space Remix) 
16.Anosphere  Flight To Planet 5 
17.Cyber Space  Nightflight 
18.Joey Mauro and Sir J  Rainy (M Kong New York Remix) 
19.Max Backes  Future World 
20.Neuton Mouse  Across the Rubicon  
21.Puzzy Beat  Space Beat 
22.Siberian Heat  Fight for Your Dreams  
23.SuperVox  Time to Run 
24.Synthesis  Fields of Eternity  
25.Synthetic Dreams  Man from Another Planet 
26.The Starforce  Tyranny In Space  
27.TMGuy   Space Race 
28.Vanello & Steven Kimber  S.O.S For Love 
Various Artists "Space Holidays Vol. 5" (2013) (MP3) (Front Cover)

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Various Artists "Space Holidays Vol. 5" (2013, Space Sound Records) (MP3)