Various Artists "Space Sound Records Megamix Vol 1" (2008) (MP3, WAV)

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This megamix is distributed for free. Mixed by Martin Verlaan. Total time 54:21 min.

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Various Artists

Release Title

Space Sound Records Megamix Vol 1


Space Sound Records

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Executive Producers

Marek Kolodynski

Additional Producers

Martin Verlaan



Tracks (32 tracks)

1.A.M. Samurai  Game 4 2 
2.Galaxy Hunter  Silver Moon 
3.Cyberspace  Flying Over the Planet 
4.Synth Dimension  Synthesized Ghost of 80's 
5.Cyberspace  Return from Star Trekking 
6.Vanello  Destination Cosmos 
7.Galaxy Hunter  Eyes on Mars 
8.Anders Lundqvist  The Return of Space Raiders 
9.Anders Lundqvist  The Search for Otherland 
10.A.M. Samurai  Secret Entrance 
11.Prodomo  Black Hole 
12.Vocoderion  High Level 
13.Alphawave  Flying Saucer 
14.Synthesis  Galaxy Fighters 
15.Vanello  Rock the Space 
16.Prometheus  Eudaimonia 
17.Marco Rochowski  Digital Election 
18.Prodomo  Event Horizon 
19.Marco Rochowski  Cybernetic Avenger 
20.Synth Dimension  Light and Laser Impulses 
21.  Mission to Accomplish 
22.  Fly Like Superman 
23.Starlight  The Light from Nowhere 
24.Alphawave  Infrared Vision 
25.Vocoderion  Launch in to Space 
26.Prometheus  First Shoot 
27.Space Project  Alien Rebellion 
28.Dreamtime  Cylonian Skyline 
29.Space Project  Abandoned Places 
30.Dreamtime  Escape to the Past 
31.Starlight  Moon Express 
32.Synthesis  Dark Zone 
Various Artists "Space Sound Records Megamix Vol 1" (2008) (MP3, WAV) (Front Cover)

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Various Artists "Space Sound Records Megamix Vol 1" (2008, Space Sound Records) (MP3, WAV)