Various Artists "ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 2" (2013) (2CD)

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Various Artists

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ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 2


ZYX Music

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ZYX 82648-2

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Tracks (25 tracks, total play time 2:38:11)

1.Vanello & Steven Kimber  S.o.s. For Love (Maxi Version)5:37
2.Lenroy  Do You (Extended Version)6:34
3.Tq  Let's Go To Tokyo (Axel Remix)5:00
4.Siberian Heat  Magic Blue Eyes (Long Version)9:00
5.Tommy Sun  Dancer (Italo Mix)7:31
6.Michael Nolen  You Try, You Choose (Long Mix)6:12
7.Mirko Hirsch  Love On The Run (Extended Version)7:18
8.Aldo Lesina  Romance (Disco Mix)5:50
9.Magic System Dj  Inside (Maxi Version)5:11
10.Boris Zhivago  In A World Of Fantasy (Long Fantasy Mix) 8:58
11.Neon Game  Live The Night (Extended Version)5:45
12.Galactic Warriors  Humanoid Battle (Extended Version)6:10
13.Italove  Follow Me To Mexico (Flashback Ri-Mix)6:29
14.Eddy Huntington  Honey, Honey! (Extended Version)6:12
15.The Sweeps  Optimistic Melancholic (Special Extended Version)6:55
16.Mode One  She's Dancing Alone (Extended Version)6:32
17.Tq  Let The Night Remain Forever (Extended Version)8:02
18.Dreamtime  Among The Stars (FM Mix)6:18
19.Vyck Vyo  Elena (Classic Euro Extended Mix)5:15
20.Elen Cora  Drama (Long Version)9:10
21.Amaya  Sensation (Extended Version)4:42
22.D.j. Savage  You Can Fly (Special ZYX Long Version)6:47
23.Synthesis  Sunbeam (Extended Mix)6:43
24.Dk Duke Vs. Paul & Simon  Paris Latino (Italo Disco Extended Mix)3:00
25.Robbie Groove & Mattias Feat.  You Droid (Extended Mix)3:00
Various Artists "ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 2" (2013) (2CD) (Front Cover)

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Various Artists "ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 2" (2013, ZYX Music) (2CD)