Vocoderion is a synthdance project from Poland by Aleksandra Koszewska. For the first time in synthdance history this kind of music is being composed by a very talented (and pretty) girl. Aleksandra is from northern Poland, she lives in Gdansk. Vocoderion discovered synthdance music in 2000, after listening to "The Challenge" by Laserdance. Before moving into synthdance, she was interested in 80's music and was also a guitarist in several rock bands. Now Aleksandra has replaced her guitar with a Yamaha synthesizer.

Her first album called "Biomechanical Structure" was released by AXIS Records in the summer of 2005.


Aleksandra Koszewska (2005-08-21)


Fan page about Vocoderion, http://www.republika.pl/vocoderion_fan/


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