Wavestation is a synthdance project made by Michael Zweschper. He produces music for following projects: MImpulseZ, Wavestation and Transforming 3000. Michael Zweschper (Micha) is married and has two children. He was born at 1973 in Hof, a little town in Bavaria, Germany.

In 1984 he made his first contact with Italo Disco music and Laserdance. Up to 1989, he has collected more than 1000 Italo tracks on vinyl and also all Laserdance tracks.

In 1990, beeing still great Laserdance fan, Micha started to became interested in Techno and Trance music. In 1991 he decided to start to produce music by himself. His first equipement were at those times: Korg M1, Waldorf Microwave and Roland JX-3P. He also used Akai MPC-60 II as a sequencer.

In 1994 Micha created his first "real" tracks. In 1995 he started his first formation "Dark Angel". In 1996, he aquired much better sequencer machine, Akai MPC 3000. In 1998 he met Carsten Reiss from the Toxic-Studios and they were producing some Trance and Electronic music together (and today again..). In 1999 the hardware synths were his best friends - he had 16 of those. The self-made CD's were very good way to promote himself at friends, shows and radio (HOT FM). At this time Micha was producing only Trance and Techno music.

2000 - Liveact at the Kulmbacher DanceNite. 3000 people and some nice girls, but at the end of the party he thought about himself and his feelings - he than has started to made more Italo Disco tracks with a little Laserdance feeling.

During 2000 and 2001 Micha has made some remixes for Fridge, Mario Lopez on mp.de.

2001 / 2002 - Wavestation was born, Micha wanted to make music like the old Italo producers (Cundari, Spagna, Carrasco, Oliva, Farina, Crivellente and naturally like Michiel Van Der Kuy and Erik Van Vliet), he also sold out his hardware and bought software equipment - the first track was Brainstorm (130 bpm).

2002 - Some good ideas and productions but the software was too complex to got out all ideas and sounds he wanted, so Micha worked very hard.

2003 - The first two really good Laserdance-a-like tracks are still waiting, called Digital World (110 bpm) and Space Rangers (130 bpm).


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