David Lilja and Patrik Rydberg are two musicians and producers from Sweden. In 1989, they started to make music together. This was a beginning of Cut 'n' Paste recording studio. At first, they composed some italo disco stuff, then they became interested in synthdance. First mindXpander tracks have been presented at MP3.com and Spacesynth.de (back then it was Laserdance.de). Thanks to that, they started their co-operation with Hypersound Productions.

Two mindXpander tracks ("Star Runner" and "Floating Space Port") were released "Synthesizer Dance Vol. 1" compilation. After releasing cover album with Laserdance tracks in 2000, they were busy on composing and producing music for a new, original album. The CD was published in 2002 and entitled "Xpanderland". Besides synthdance, David and Patrick are involved in many other projects which are being produced in Cut'n'Paste studio.

After 10 years (2012), their third spacesynth album "Triumphant Return" was released as digital download on Bandcamp.



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