Interview with Robert Ludwinski

Robert Ludwinski, better known as Synthesis comes from Poland and released the album 'Space Travels' for AXIS Records (now Alpha Centauri) in 2005. Currently Synthesis is planning to release a follow-up album 'Solar Empire' and is involved in a new project called 'Virtual Device'. Robert was interviewed by Spacemaniak and interview has been translated by Adi and spellchecked by Krizz. We would also like to thank Matek for providing the interview.


Discography and Biography: Synthesis

Robert Ludwinski aka Synthesis



First of all, tell us something about yourself and your actual works.

I live in Warsaw and since childhood I'm interested in music and photography. Currently I'm studying sociology, working as a photographer and spending free time composing music.

What was your first contact with synthdance?

In early 90's I found "Changing Times" by Laserdance on a cassette tape. Back then it was an exotic style for me, but I liked it. Soon after that I've bought my first CD player and first CDs, which were Koto's "From the Dawn of Time" and "Technological Mind" by Laserdance. I started to complement the discography of those artists and started looking for other synth musicians.

I know that you're a big Laserdance fan and "Changing Times" is your personal model of LD's style.

That's true. I'm a great fan of Laserdance and Michiel van der Kuy's style. "Changing Times" is my favourite LD album, maybe because this was my first and most successful contact with the genre. Besides "Changing Times", I love to listen to "Around the Planet" and "Technological Mind" albums.

Since when you're composing?

I've started in the early 90's using series of eJay and Music Maker software. It wasn't real composing though, rather just a piecing up samples, but it helped me to learn basics of composing. In 2002 I switched to Fruity Loops, which opened me up to real composing, not just playing around with samples. And that gave a birth to Synthesis project.

Is synthdance your only composer's occupation?

No, not only synthdance, which is my preferred. I'm composing trance, melodic or progressive trance, to be exact.

What hardware you use?

PC Athlon 3000+, SoundBlaster Audigy2 ZS soundcard, 1GB Ram, 500GB HDD. My soft is FL Studio 7 with vst plugins and a huge sample library, most of them drum samples. I'm also using Bayerdynamic dt770pro earphones, JVC AX-A572 amplifier and Magnat Altea3 speakers.

What is your favourite music genre?

Spacesynth of course and trance (vocal, melodic, progresive, hard trance). I also like eurodance, italo disco, rock and film music.

I know, that you're planning to release your second album titled "Solar Empire".

Yes. The album is almost done, what left is a general mastering. I haven't decided to when and in which form it will be released, so I can't tell you more.

Is it gonna be different from your first CD "Space Travels", or it gonna be just in the same style?

It's still classic spacesynth, but I've focused on more fine-tuned and fresh sounds. That will differ my new album from my debut CD, I guess.

Can you tell us about what interesting stuff we can hope for?

Just as on a previous album, the new one contains 12 songs. Ten faster, made with 125 - 130 bpm, and two slower. Also, two of them ("In the Gallery of Lights" and "Everlasting Dream") are already known from Alpha Centauri Megamix Vol.1, but album versions are freshed up.

Which tracks from "Space Travels" you consider the best?

Synthesis 'Space Travels'

"Trip to Nowhere", "Time Machine" and "Beyond the Galaxy".

And which of them were the biggest effort to compose?

Hmmm, it's hard to say. "Mysterious Dimension", I guess. It was the last track composed for "Space Travels" and its production took a quite period of time, comparing to the others.

I know, that you are setting up Virtual Device project.

Yes. Virtual Device is a project of mine and my friend Marek Chmielewski. A year ago we decided to join up forces to make an album, which will be done in a classic synthdance as well.

Can you tell us, where will you publish those new tracks from Virtual Device?

We don't know that yet.

And what are you planning for a nearest future? Still composing as Synthesis or spending more time for Virtual Device project?

Together with Marek we are hope to finish new songs and put them on the album, but it's not so easy. We are busy with school, work and other obligations which restrain us. But apart of Virtual Device project, I will not drop composing as Synthesis.

What do you want me to wish you?

Hmmm, a little more free time for composing, I think.

Thanks for this interview and I wish you all the best.

Thank you and greetings for all Synthesis and synthdance fans all over the world.


2008-04-01 11:24:50Interviewer(s): Spacemaniak