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Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri was formerly known as AXIS Records. The name changed during 2005 when AXIS Records moved it's operation into United Kingdom.

See also AXIS Records.

Label Resources

Releases As "AXIS Records"

Spaceraider "Journey into Space" (2004, AXIS Records) (CD)
Synthesis "Space Travels" (2005, AXIS Records) (CD)
Various Artists "AXIS Megamix Vol.1 (Chocolate Cookie Edition)" (2004, AXIS Records) (MP3)
Vocoderion "Biomechanical Structure" (2005, Axis Records) (CD)
Zoltar "Cosmic Pirates" (2003, AXIS Records) (CD)

Releases By "Alpha Centauri"

Electron "Tides of Darkness" (2006, Alpha Centauri) (CD)
Everdune "Legend of the Aces" (2011, Alpha Centauri) (MP3)
Galaxion "Aftershock" (2011, Alpha Centauri) (MP3)
Space Project "Beyond Imagination" (2006, Alpha Centauri) (CD)
Various Artists "Alpha Centauri Megamix" (2005, Alpha Centauri) (MP3)
Various Artists "Alpha Centauri Megamix vol 2 - Space Wars" (2007, Alpha Centauri) (MP3)
Various Artists "Spacesynth Revolutions, Episode One" (2010, Alpha Centauri) (CD)