Synthesizer Music For Space People

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Snake's Music

Snake's Music is a Polish label that licensed several spacesynth releases and distributed them in Poland.

Releases By "Snake's Music"

Ciber People "The Return of the Ciber People" (1993, Snake's Music) (CD)
Hypnosis "Lost in Space" (1992, Snake's Music) (CD)
Koto "Mind Machine" (1992, Snake's Music) (CD)
Koto "Plays Science-Fiction Movie Themes" (Snake's Music) (CD)
Laserdance "Around the Planet" (Snake's Music) (CD)
Laserdance "Changing Times" (Snake's Music) (CD)
Laserdance "Discovery Trip" (Snake's Music) (CD)
Laserdance "Fire on Earth" (Snake's Music) (CD)
Laserdance "Future Generation" (1989, Snake's Music) (CD)
Laserdance "Hypermagic" (Snake's Music) (CD)
Trilithon "4cast" (Snake's Music) (CD)
Various Artists "Space Trax" (Snake's Music) (CD)