takes off

2005-07-28 written by Lauri & Jouni

It took a while (well long while), but finally takes off! From now on we aim to keep you up-to-date on what's going on in the spacesynth universe. We'll be offering the latest news, interviews with wellknown persons, evergrowing spacesynth discography, free music and lots of more.

Since the journey has been long, we have decide to leave some planned features out, but the plan is to improve the site from this point forward. The things to come and expect atleast are free music section, discography search functions, newsletters and user (your!) reviews for albums. There are more too, but lets upgrade our starship one feature at time :) The core of the site is fully database driven and the content updating is not solely on one man's shoulders, so this will increase the update intervals of the site - this starship has a crew like any big starship should have.

Right now we have few interviews to start with and two small spacesynth tutorials written by Staffan. More interviews are underway (i.e. interview of Gustaf/Xain will be online soon too) and article base will grow in time and if you have requests or suggestions, feel free to tell!

If you think you could contribute, feel free to contact us. If you count together all the pages online (including the discography) you get around 450 pages to read. That's quite nice cargo to start with ;)

The forum is still open and active. We wait for your contribution to the discussions!

I hope you think the website was worth waiting for, we certainly do. I believe the rest of this year has still a lot to offer, so lets grow this community together! :)



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