New name for AXIS revealed

2005-09-14 written by

Since 10th of October AXIS Records will cease to exist. New company is called Alpha Centauri and will operate from United Kingdom territory. Alpha Centauri will continue the work of AXIS Records and maintain distribution of all its previous releases.

Alpha Centauri site will be online this week under old URL: to avoid confusion. The old address will remain for at least a year to allow for a smooth transition for our customers and fans. AXIS Shop will remain fully operational and will eventually be replaced by a new one in the future.

At the end of September, AXIS Records will release its last release: Synthesis - Space Travels (AX 0006 CD). In November we are going to release Alpha Centauri Megamix (AXIS Megamix Vol.2) as a free download, like the first one.

We would like to thank all our customers, fans and distributors for having trust in our job and supporting our label. As Alpha Centauri we will continue to work on providing more great music to electronic music community.

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