Interview with Michiel van der Kuy from 1999

2006-04-12 written by Staffan

When Michiel van der Kuy and Huib Schippers made their live concert in Hague the 22nd May 1999, Rune Meikle went there together with a friend to see his idol. He had arranged an interview with Michiel through Gerrit Molema from Melody Maker. The interview was recorded on a small taperecorder, and you can find that recording as a mp3-file in the middle of the interviewpage. Note that the recording is in quite poor quality, so it is a little bit difficult to hear the discussion in some parts of the soundfile.

In the audiofile you can hear Rune and his friend Mazzo asking questions to Michiel, and present in the room is also Huib Schippers from Trilithon (his voice can be heard at one place).

We would like to thank Rune for giving us the opportunity to share this material and Michiel for giving his permission to publish this interview.

Interview:Michiel van der Kuy



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