Koto/Laserdance/Trilithon concertvideo

2006-08-12 written by Staffan

We are proud to present probably the first concert-video in the spacesynth genre. The video includes the live performance by Koto/Laserdance/Trilithon that was held at the Euro Energy Party in The Hague, Holland, 1999. On stage are Huib Schippers and Michiel van der Kuy performing some classic spacesynth songs with assistance of some talented dancers.

The video is 6'20 minutes long with a filesize of 23MB and you can find it in our Free Music section.

The video was filmed by a friend of Huib and has now been edited by Lauri Turjansalo. We like to thank Huib Schippers for providing us with the material.


This video uses the XviD codec which can be downloaded on a couple of places on the web. An alternative is to download the free VLC Media Player from www.videolan.org/.

Koto, Laserdance, Trilithon in Concert


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