Synthesizer Dance Vol. 8 Released

2006-09-15 written by Lauri

Synthesizer Dance Volume 8

It was expected to come out in spring but better late than never, Hypersound Productions have released Synthesizer Dance Volume 8. In addition to old contributers the cd features a new musician called Klass Bijland. Gustaf Grefberg has made three new tracks for the cd. Or actually one of them is a remix of Compulsion to Obey: A track which won a music competition back in the early 90s. It's now been finally modernized.

Hypersound website features a real media demo.

The tracklist:
01 Gustaf Grefberg 'Astral Travel'
02 Dreamtime 'Into the Haze'
03 Tom Lacy 'Planetviews'
04 Klass Bijland 'Moonlander'
05 Gustaf Grefberg 'Compulsion to Obey'
06 Neutron 'Disco Girl'
07 Gustaf Grefberg 'The Pleiades'
08 Neutron '3rd Dimension'
09 Based on Bass 'Axel F (Space Mix)'
10 Daylight 'Reflex'
11 Jan Schipper 'Juno Dance'
12 Humphrey Robertson 'I Miss You (Dedicated to Carol)'

Hypersound Productions discography


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