Daylight Fan Video

2006-09-24 written by Lauri

This is really really retro. Synthyfan71 posted a video of Daylight's Light Years Away at It features a flying spaceship, disco ball, hopping astronaut and 3D models reminding of good old Amiga days. Check it out. Hopefully more fans will get inspired by spacesynth and use it to create different forms of art.

Daylight - Light Years Away video
Light Years Away @ Discography

UPDATE 27.9.2006 Synthyfan71 posted another Daylight video. It's called Digital Power Control and made pretty much in the same tyle.

Daylight - Digital Power Control video

UPDATE 1.12.2006 More Synthyfan71 videos @ Youtube

Based on Bass - Aliens
Daylight - Star Fighter


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