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2006-09-24 written by Lauri

We are happy to inform you that we got a hold of a bunch of Marco Rochowski tracks that haven't been released in public before. Some of these tracks have been available on smaller music websites or as short previews. Many of them were composed years ago but some are brand new. Styles vary from classic Laserdance style to softer synthpop. will release these within the next couple of months. We are not going to announce the exact days yet so stay tuned and keep checking our website. The tracks will be available in the free music section.

24/09/2006 We will start with Itopian Sky, a classic track from Marco. This was composed many years ago and now finally available in full length. Enjoy.

01/10/2006 Here comes another oldie. Loneliness (PSI Mix) is more into synthpop style but still has Marco's trademark sound to it. Only a demo version has been available before. Note the OGG file format. Latest Winamp should be able to play it fine.

08/10/2006 Marco composed Flight of the Dragon after Macrocosm's album Second Voyage was released. It's another classic Marco track with some great moments like the swelling brass chorus. In addition to that, Marco made an orchestral remix Flight of the Dragon (Orchestral Reprise) which is now also available in the free music section of

16/10/2006 Here's something slightly more unusual from Marco. Midnight Train is a soft and emotional synthpop tune with piano and wind instruments. Strong 80s influence anyhow. To my knowledge Midnight Train has never been available anywhere in any form. So I hope you enjoy it. Still more Marco's music to come in the following weeks.

23/10/2006 Nosmo King (Macrocosm Remake) is now also available at This is a remix of Jukke "Myvoice" Lundqvist's excellent composition 'Nosmo King'. Also check out Protonic Storm's remix 'Nosmo King (Protonic Remake)' and the sequel 'Return of Nosmo King' at The original tracker module is available in the free music section of

28/10/2006 Time to go back to classic Marco Rochowski sound from some years back. Beyond the Gates of Time was written a few years ago but hasn't seen daylight until now. It's been remastered by Jouni Airaksinen to give it even better sound.

4/11/2006 Those of you who think that there's a lack of spacesynth in the style of Laserdance 'Ambiente', take a listen to Marco's Distant Memories. This is a very emotional piece with gentle synth pads and wonderful melodies. Note the OGG file format.

12/11/2006 A while ago Marco visited the Spacesynth chat and sent us his new song called Orb of Fire. He thought that it would make a good addition to the website. And indeed, it's yet another well made track with tight bassline and cool space voices. Enjoy Marco's trademark sound once again.

This concludes our Marco Rochowski Special here at - for now at least. We'll be hunting down more hiquality spacesynth for sure. Big thanks to Marco for letting us release his excellent music!



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