Final Release Dates for Electron and Space Project

2006-12-13 written by Lauri

After some unfortunate manufacturing delays Alpha Centauri has informed that Electron's album 'Tides of Darkness' will be in stock on 16.12.2006. Space Project 'Beyond Imagination' can be ordered a few days later, on 20.12. We were informed that these are really the final dates and they will stay. So no more delays. got promo copies of both CD's. You can read Staffan's Electron review here.

Alpha Centauri has also added a new artist to their team. Jozsef Balog aka Future Human from Serbia produces italo synthpop. His first track for the label, 'My Video Games' is available for free download.

Electron 'Tides of Darkness' Review Alpha Centauri


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