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2007-04-04 written by Lauri

Anosphere - Field of Mutants

Anosphere's 'Field of Mutants' is the first release by Stefan Bieri's record label Noonwaverecords. Bieri, who is known for producing some tracks for Hypersound, is the owner of the label and working there as a producer and composer. The new cd is a mixture between spacesynth and ambient synthpop. Futuristic cover is a picture made by German space artist Frank M. Lewecke.

At the moment the album can be bought via eBay at Bieri's store or by ordering directly by sending email to noonwaverecords at hispeed dot ch.

Noonwaverecords is looking for distributing partners so it's possible that this cd will be sold elsewhere too in the future.

Update 2007-04-24 Now also available @ Hypersound

Update 2007-05-10 Now available @ Alpha Centauri

Update 2007-06-03 Also available @ Melody Maker

eBay store
Anosphere - Field of Mutants @
Space art by Frank M. Lewecke
Anosphere at Hypersound's store
Anosphere at Alpha Centauri

Samples from the album (thanks Stefan)

Mutant Generation
Mutant Generation (The Story)
Light Distortion


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