SPACESYNTH.NET shop opened!

2007-04-07 written by Jouni

We have now SPACESYNTH.NET shop (CafePress) where you can buy T-Shirts and Mugs with our redesigned Alien logo and greet "I Love Spacesynth" text. We'll be adding more options to choose from, so if you have something you have always wanted let us know so we can design one for you and other spacesynth fans!

Right now there are two sizes of coffee/tea mugs and several color/style of T-Shirts for men (and for the space women of course!).

You find the shop from the main menu, and from address

As if that wasn't enough, we also added audio excerpt feature to the discography. There aren't many excerpt links in the discography yet, but as time goes I'm sure we'll have more!



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