New free song - Fly Like Superman

2007-07-03 written by Staffan

The spacetheme has been frequently used in this genre, with all it's rights as the music is called spacesynth. In the ongoing discussions at the forum we can see that some people thinks that it's time to find something else to write songs about meanwhile many composers still find the spacetheme interesting (by looking at the new album releases).

After looking at the brilliant picture at Energon's page at the idea came up to compose a song around the cartoon/superhero-theme. The song is now ready and you can find it in our FreeMusic-section:

Staffan Öhman - Fly Like Superman.mp3

The song is made in the classical Laserdance/Koto-style and it actually don't bring any new ideas to the genre, but hopefully you will like it anyhow.



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