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Extended version of Koto-Laserdance-Trilithon Video

2007-08-26 written by Lauri

About a year ago we published a video of The Hague concert with Koto, Laserdance and Trilithon. The material was kindly provided by Huib Schippers. We have now put online a version that has better image and sound quality and includes some parts that were missing from the first version. This video is 130mb and uses the XviD codec.

Koto-Laserdance-Trilithon-1999_extended.avi @ Sendspace

TD Mak, who visits the Spacesynth.net forum regularly, recently released her first spacesynth track - Seeking the High Ground. Dreamtime has now remixed this track and is available for download in the free music section.

Dreamtime - TD Mak - Seeking the High Ground Remix.mp3
Seeking the High Ground @ the forum


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