Tutorial 4 : Sound of the 80s

2007-09-12 written by Staffan

Sound of the 80s

Many threads in our forum have involved discussions about how to achieve the sounds that were used back in the 80s. The junobass is an example of a sound that has been brought up for discussion many times and still fascinates people. Therefore we have gathered the material that we are aware of around this subejct into a fourth tutorial so that all this material are located at one place to make it easier to find.

In this tutorial you will find out that many of the classic sounds are quite easy to achieve without having to buy all those old hardware synths that have been mentioned in the interviews.

Tutorial 4 - Sound of the 80s

We will keep updating this tutorial when we find some more useful sounds of the 80s. If you have some tip to share around this subject then feel free to tells us about it in the discussionforum.



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