Depeche Mode Tribute CD Graphics Contest

2008-04-04 written by Press Release

Space Sound Records invites everyone interested in taking part in a new competition. The competition involves creating a new cover for the forth-coming album Synthesizer Tribute to Depeche Mode. The competition will run from now till the end of May. The Winner will receive $200.00 + Tee-shirt and cap with the Space Sound Logo as well as 10 CDís with the Depeche Mode Cover. This album looks like itís going to be a real revelation, the artists taking part in this venture are Dreamtime, Staffan Ohman, Marco Rochowski, Anders Lundqvist, Space Project, Galaxy Hunter, AM Samurai, Starlight, Vocoderion, Krzysztof Radomski (Protonic Storm), and MindXpander.

With Regards to the cover, there can not be any pictures or Symbols of Depeche Mode nor any pictures or Symbols of any other artists for that matter. The whole cover should be ones own work. Please send all competition material to the following address: info @ spacesoundrecords (dot) com

Press release

UPDATE 1.6.2008

The contest has ended. 36 artworks were submitted and the winner is Daniel B. from Mexico. Congrats, Daniel.


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