Biodread Competition

2009-04-24 written by

We guess that LauriT (Dreamtime) has his own image about what a Biodread looks like, after all his discography depicts a saga about them; the rise to an Empire! Just for fun (still a little something in it for you), we'd like to invite you all to send us your version of what a Biodread looks like, what first pops to mind?

You could make it yourself (and probably score some extra points), or if you find an image that rings right you could send that. The winner Prize is the album "Dreamtime - Farout", sent to you on release date, signed by Lauri himself!

Please use the following e-mail address:, include your post address.

This competition lasts through April & May 2009, but will end sooner if the album is released earlier. Good luck!

PS) to get your imagination started, have a listen to this :)

Biodread Empire Rise of the Biodreads


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