SPACESYNTH.NET: Spiral spacesynthesizes old Mod-classics
Synthesizer Music For Space People

Printed: 12.12.2018 03:32:20

Spiral spacesynthesizes old Mod-classics

2010-05-01 written by

Cover by Klas "Prowler" Benjaminsson

Among the artists featured are Anders 'Waverider' Lundqvist, Lauri 'Cirdan' Turjansalo, Jukke 'Myvoice' Lundqvist, Gustaf 'Lizardking' Grefberg, Thomas 'Haggeman' Hagfors and Johan 'Alf' Koskela, all more or less active and beloved contributors to today's spacesynth community. One may spot their particular composing-styles already in the small Mod-file format from back in the 90's, and in this release Spiral lifts these compositions up to spacesynth format.

Spiral's "Hands On II" is free-for-all and can be downloaded via the following link: , including cd-arts for print-out.

On behalf of the SS.NET team I would like to thank Spiral, a.k.a. Mats Antonsson, for this loving contribution to the spacesynth community.



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