Spacesynth Revolutions, Episode One is now released

2010-05-10 written by Saul

Cover by Lorenz Hideoyshi Ruwwe

"Spacesynth Revolutions, Episode One" includes eleven spacesynth tracks made by mostly new faces in spacesynth music. The album also marks a new return for Alpha Centauri to releasing spacesynth albums after four years pause.

The tracklist:

01 Cyreon - Mars Rider
02 Galaxion - Nekomimi's Song
03 Resource X - Space Station 38
04 Alek Szahala - Crystal Thunder
05 Cyreon - Starfall
06 Andy Piney - Milkyway Travels Co
07 Everdune - Dark Racer
08 One Hit Wonder - Surrender
09 Zircon - Solar Revolution
10 Lightsaber - Polaris Spectrum
11 Mark Vera - Android People (Low Battery Mix)

For more info go to Alpha Centauri's web page.

Spacesynth Revolutions, Episode One at discography


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