The first Review Day in announced

2010-09-14 written by Saul

Review Day

Participate the Review Day! We would like to announce that the first annual Review Day will be held on the 10th of October this year in To participate in this Review Day you should write a review on at least one spacesynth album and send it to the team on the 10th of October 2010. It is sufficient when you submit your review on that date regardless of where you live. The team will check all the reviews before releasing them in a special thread on the following dates. Of course, all the accepted reviews will be released in the User Review section.

The main criterias for the approved review:

1. You should be a member of to submit your review
2. You should submit your review into Submit Review page

3. Submit your review on the 10th of October to participate the Special Day
4. Follow our review guidelines:

* Remember that reviews are meant for site visitors and possibly to give feedback to producers
* Describe what you like about the album and what you dislike, explain your opinions
* Do not be afraid to critisize but keep your critisism contructive
* Do not insult the producer(s)
* Try to think your review as a whole, don't get too much into unnecessary details
* Please, do not refer to other reviews
* Write your reviews in English
* We do not expect perfect grammar or spelling, but read through your review before submitting

These guidelines are also available at the Submit Review page. We use rating scale 0-5, as mentioned at the page (read the explanations there).

And last, but not the least: you will have a chance to win a prize! We will have a draw among the approved participants, and the prize is a spacesynth CD! Join the day, and give some attention to the music we all love!



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