New debut album from PHOBOTRAX: 'Back to Kellion'

2011-04-26 written by

The background image used in album cover art was taken from<br />public domain copyright-free photo archive of NASA

PHOBOTRAX, or Igor Wasilewski, lives in Japan, and is until now best known for his 2007-song 'A better place'.

20th April 2011 we all suddenly could enjoy a whole album from him, for free! The music of 'Back to Kellion' is a catchy crossover in the middle of a thought triangle of Laserdance, Cyber People and other good old Memory Label productions like Baby's Gang. The songs all are within the spacesynth genre, even though many songs have strong italo disco influences. They are all in radio-friendly lengths.

We will make this album directly available asap. For now, use PHOBOTRAX' own link:



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