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Synth Dimension self-publishes a new version of his previously released debut album

2011-07-20 written by Saul

Synth Dimension's new cover art

It was just last year when Synth Dimension's debut album "Dreams of Electronic Mind" was released by Avalance Music. Recently situations has changed when Synth Dimension (Ruslan Bazhok) decided to end his cooperation with the record label and published his previously released debut album again, on his own. In the result, the new version of "Dreams of Electronic Mind" album was published. The album has two new additional tracks (12 in total) and a brand new cover art. The new tracks are: "Way To New Start" and "8 Bit Voyager" (that has a special cover art available). The new album is only available on iTunes.

Dreams of Electronic Mind @ Spacesynth.net discography
The album on iTunes
8 Bit Voyager on iTunes


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