mindXpander's Triumphant Return

2012-02-03 written by Saul

Mindxpander - Triumphant Return

mindXpander (formed by two swedish musicians Patrik Rydberg and David Lilja) has completed and released their third spacesynth album "Triumphant Return". The album contains seven new energetic tracks, and is released digitally through Bandcamp platform.

The tracklist is:

1. Blue Creatures
2. Pandora's Music Box
3. Smuggler's Guild
4. Hoshi No Koe
5. Northern Light
6. Ad Astra
7. Connection Reset by Peer

Their last spacesynth album "Xpanderland" was released in 2002.

You can stream "Triumphant Return" in full quality at SoundCloud and buy it from Bandcamp.

Triumphant Return at Spacesynth.net Discography.

Visit: Xpanderland



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