Reubino - Outerstella

2012-02-19 written by Saul Tyni

Reubino - Outerstella

Reuben Barnett (Reubino) is a spacesynth and ambient musician from Australia. "Outerstella" is his debut spacesynth album. The digital album includes eleven ambient flavored spacesynth music, and is available to buy on Bandcamp.

Here is his musical journey in his own words:

"It's been a long journey since I started this project, almost six years ago on and off in my humble bedroom studio. A couple of tracks on Outerstella have been created in just the past few weeks whilst others were finished back in the years between 2006 to 2010. Having not being trained in music it's been a hard slog to get this project off the ground let alone finished. For a long time I've marveled at the epic wizardry of electronic musicians such as Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, The Art of Noise, Yello, Daft Punk and Enigma just to name a few. Their ability to create memorable tunes is something I admire greatly.

Music composition is something that has come later in my life. Although I remember in my early twenties I remember having my first "musical awakening" so to speak. I used to stay up many late nights humming many small jingles and tunes in to my small tape recorder for future reference. At the time that's all I could do as I had yet to learn how to read music and play an instrument. This is something I still haven't got around to doing but I really hope to learn very soon. Of course if you talk to my friends and family I've been saying that for years but it's something I strive to do eventually, especially if I decide to perform live. Over the years the way I overcame this was to learn sequencing on the computer. With the advances in electronic music software this has allowed me to create music with ease.

I'm happy and to say this album is finally completed and I look forward to explore new and exciting avenues in electronic music composition."

- Reuben Barnett

Here is the link for buying the album: Outerstella

The album on Discography: Outerstella @



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