Feedback Week 11th - 17th of June 2012

2012-05-20 written by Saul

What do you think about the Sonar Power's latest album? What do you feel about Rygar? And have you listened MindXpander's Triumphant Return? Don't hesistate to write down your thoughts about the album (any spacesynth album) you've listened to and send your feedback to us on the Feedback Week, week 24 (11th - 17th of June).

Your feedback can be a detailed review or a free-form feedback. The difference between these two are:

* Review has more details, guidelines, and they will be released through website. One of the reviewers can win a spacesynth compilation CD. The details about submitting reviews are available here.

* Free-form feedback can be a public forum feedback (this topic), or taking part in a conversation about some spacesynth release or feedback, or a private message/email straight to the musicians. Of course, if private, both musicians and the feedback giver can decide if the feedback could be released here too. No prices for them, sorry. Wink The main reason for free-form feedback is to create discussion.

General guidelines:

* Remember that reviews are meant for site visitors and possibly to give feedback to producers
* Describe what you like about the album and what you dislike, explain your opinions
* Do not be afraid to critisize but keep your critisism contructive
* Do not insult the producer(s)
* Try to think your review as a whole, don't get too much into unnecessary details
* Please, do not refer to other reviews
* Write your reviews in English
* We do not expect perfect grammar or spelling, but read through your review before submitting



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