Mulperi - Break Free is out

2012-10-05 written by Team

Break Free

Mika Lakanen, aka Mulperi, has released his debut album. The album contains nine tracks and some of them are familiar to spacesynth fans. The album is available to buy from Mika himself. For more info, visit

Track 1: Never Give Up (3:02)
Track 2: Break Free (3:07)
Track 3: Hold On (2:59)
Track 4: Revontulet (3:13)
Track 5: Through Space (2:58 )
Track 6: Running (5:18 )
Track 7: Heart Attack (3:32)
Track 8: Future Is Now (3:40)
Track 9: Super Force (4:23)

You can listen the album preview here: Preview

Mulper's Break Free at Discography



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