Dreamtime's Innerstellar Jam

2013-01-09 written by SS.net Team

"Innerstellar Jam" contains eight new Dreamtime tracks that are mostly in demoscenish spacesynth style.

1. Retrological Mind 05:03
2. Hexadecimal Memories 05:06
3. Kauas Pois 06:06
4. Brainhunt 06:20
5. Into the Stratosphere 04:20
6. Among the Stars 06:31
7. Be Here Now 07:12
8. The Encounter 06:37

One special thing about the album project was the challenge Dreamtime set to himself: could he do full length album in 70 hours? You can read more about the album project with his own words from his own blog: Faroutmusic.net

The album is available to download and listen from Bandcamp.

Dreamtime - Innerstellar Jam at Spacesynth.net Discography


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