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New ZYX Music Italo and Spacesynth Collection is released

2014-07-20 written by SSNet

The album is 2 CD or mp3 release and the complete tracklist is as follows:

1. Laserdance Moon Machine

2. Galactic Warriors Koto Tribute Mix

3. Protonic Storm Dreamscape (Short Mix)

4. Rygar Modulation

5. Space Project The Return of Space Raiders

6. Bellatrix Hexagon

7. Prodomo Event Horizon

8. Mind Vision Digital Mind

9. Marco Rochowski Skylifter

10. Dreamtime Cylonian Skyline (Revised Version)

11. Xain Sha'rah

12. Vanello Rock the Space

13. Laserdance Humanoid Invasion (Re-edit Version)

14. Rygar Star Tracks (Dance Version)

15. Cyber People Digital Signal Processor

16. Hypnosis Argonauts

17. Proxyon Space Warriors

18. Why Not Space Trouble

19. Power Machine Don't Stop

20. Koto Dragon's Legend

21. Kano Ikeya Seki

22. Syntech Byt&E

23. Timerider Invader

24. Laserdance Fall of the Wall (DDR Space Mix)

25. Hypnosis Pulstar

The album can be purchased from here:



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