Anosphere "One and All"

Review by Saul

"One and All" is propably the most interesting album by Anosphere so far. Even though it is stylistically very much like the previous albums, it offers also some different and interesting aspects.

I think"One and All" album is technically and melodically better than his previous albums. Of course, the familiar elements are easy to recognize: the floating atmosphere, the complex "random" melody patterns as well as the etheric vocoder voices. However, the album has more rememberable melodies. Also, the drum tracks sounds stronger and tighter than before. The album also offers some small surprises. Some of the tracks has a bit edgier sound, for example "Slitters Light", that has beginning that almost sounds like Gustaf Grefberg's tracks. I'd have liked to hear that kind of style a bit more. "Light Distortion" has some fine choral pads that aren't usually heard from Anosphere. All the tracks includes some variation that feels comfortable, even if the repetition is present. However, you get the feeling that wants to listen to the song until the end, because something new is to be expected.

The album is also very well mixed. Sounds are very bright, deep and very distinct. Vocoders has been used in very many songs, and they sounds good. I want to bring up the songs "My Lovely Man" and "Light Distortion," which have beautiful and exciting vocoder patterns.

Even though the album is good, I think the songs sounds very much like each other. Tempo does not differ much between songs, and the atmospheres are very similar. The same thing is repeated in other Anospheren albums, and in the long run it can be boring. Complex, "random" melodies are interesting, but on the other hand they feels like going a bit far to disharmonic side. But knowing the style, it does not disturb, almost at all. To me, the most rememberable tracks on the album are "One and All", "Sun Power" and "Sun Power II." Also "Light Distortion", "Light Splitters" ja "My Lovely Man" and are very comfortable. The three bonus tracks are remixes, so they do not bring much new, but still are nice additions. To me, there are no bad songs on the album, all tracks are good.

"One and All" is the best Anospheren album to date, in my opinion. The album is a joy to listen to, it is spatial. Anosphere has its own, clear style of that is easy to identify. Hid style clearly differs from the traditional "Laser Dance"-type music, and I think it is more contemplative, could say, more philosophical Spacesynth has a strong spatial sound. If you like more contemporary, complex spacesynth style, Anosphere's "One and All" is a good choice.


2011-11-11 15:05:03