Anosphere "Timetraveller"

Review by Kaisu Airaksinen

Anosphere has continued the same music line and style which I personally like. I also like Anosphere’s new outlook on cover which is made by Frank Lewecke and artist himself, Stefan Bieri. The blue arctic ocean and the cute mushroom under the moon makes feeling very soft and calm. I’m a bit disappointed with the back cover because it is just the same as the front cover. It could be a little bit different.

My first reaction of the album was excited. Because I liked the last one I listened this one right away when I got it. The very first track took me with on the great time travel. Nice melodies again and sounds. Some sounds reminds me of my favorite DOS game which I used to play a lot when I was young. Nice spices. And they can also be found in several tracks.

Timetraveller contains nicely done story of time travelling and you can actually create the whole picture in your mind from the start till the end of this trip. This time the album has the “meaning” and it’s not just the music.

It’s nice that Anosphere has his own style of making music but this time I have to say it’s a little minus. Because of the same sound world and melody style you can find them already on the “Fields of Mutants”. So in that case this album doesn’t serve anything new. It’s very sad because I really expected something different and more improved version of this style.

Well, the mixing sounds better to my ears, so in that case Anosphere has improved nicely. The sounds aren’t just smashed together but instead now they are separated smoothly apart but still together without being loose. Some high sounds unfortunately still ache eardrums but not so badly anyway.

Last I want say that Anosphere has made again a great album of unique music but I think it doesn’t matter if you get this or the first album because theirs similarity. But if you are Anosphere’s true fan, both albums are worth listening!


3 / 5

Another Perspective

by Lauri Turjansalo

Spacesynth albums with concept are a rare specimen. One good spacesynth album cover is followed by 5 bad ones. Often we only get some random tracks and a cover representing tacky Photoshop filters that gives an impression that there is no idea behind the album at all. Anosphere has gone another direction and presents an album that, well.. feels like an album.

Timetraveller's predecessor Field of Mutants was released last year in 2007. Not much time has passed and the style has remained the same – steady vintage drum beats, sad synth lines and strange otherwordly noises mixed in. The album name carries the central theme of the album. We start travelling from 2210 and dive into the future until we reach the year 3060. It would've been interesting if the tracks were mixed together because that would've fit the theme and idea.

Before the days of Anosphere Stefan Bieri released tracks for Synthesizer Dance collections. Back then I paid attention to his recognizable style with somewhat sentimental sounding melodies and harmonies. Time has moved on and the synth sounds on Anosphere albums are more sophisticated. But the same overall feeling and harmony has stayed. And this isn't necessarily a bad thing – all musicians have their style. However, 66 minutes is a lot of music and it's a challenge to keep the listener hooked. I would've liked if there were more variations to harmonies – and catchier spacepop pieces like the excellent Space Runner. Eventhough we are time travelling in outer space I think there's too much laid back feeling present. I was expecting more biting leads and compositions with more dynamic structures. Still, the music flows very nicely and there's many interesting and atmospheric sounds.

Timetraveller is well produced and sounds better than Field of Mutants. Anosphere's Dream has high frequencies that are hard on the ears but apart from that the production quality is coherent. It's warm and full sounding.

Anosphere 'Timettraveller' is a good album. It has an idea, visuals and fine music. But truth to be told, I was expecting something a bit different after solid Field of Mutants. Timetraveller follows its footsteps, both in good and bad. Music has matured but it's approaching a point when it's too sophisticated. Mixing in the right amount and proper kind of cheese is the tricky part of creating spacepop.


3 / 5


2008-03-16 20:52:41