Galaxy Hunter "Sleeping Child"

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"The Hunter at the far end of the galaxy" takes us on a guided journey through space and time. On what class do we travel musically?

Although the dire atomic bomb on the sleeve cover does not promise any pleasant journey, I find the inner booklet more promising. These several pages vary with different space arty pictures, and photos of Galaxy Hunter and his gorgeous singing women. All the lyrics of this singing is also printed, and it seems like someone is in control of this journey after all.

A dire but confident laughter welcomes us on board the time machine, quite appropriately as the Sleeping Child (first song) is indeed the potential atomic explosion on the cover. I like where this is going when I discover the title track has one of the strong refrains that Galaxy Hunter is about to become known for. We create the future clearly is a pure fine piece of spacesynth, with yet another strong refrain. I also like the use of vocoders here, that is more and better used throughout this album compared to his debut. Eyes on Mars on the other hand has some nice italo disco touches to it. Then follows a different version of Silver Moon, with more vocals this time. I prefer the version on Best of Spacesound Records vol 1, maybe because that is the one I heard first. Still it is a good thing we are not presented the same version over again.

Thus this album starts out very strong with one potential hit after another. The high energy is released with the slow "interlude" Thy Kingdom Come, and I'm left in tranquility with the question; can this quality be kept through the entire album?! And then Alchemy of Time puts my legs back on earth. I detect the album's first weak point production-wise. The galloping stabs become kind of annoying in my ears. And I'm normally a fan of galloping stabs :)

He picks it up again on Apollo 1969, the concept song of the release. The moon-landing happened exactly 40 years before this release, and this tune gives a nice reminder of the peace we came in. Then the doom and gloom of 11th September is recreated on the song by same name, mighty synths gives it the power such a song deserves.

Now, can Galaxy Hunter put fantasy and adventure feelings into the Secret of Holy Grail? Especially the male voice kind of screws up my preconceived notions on what such themes should sound like. He is pretty right on music-wise though, and I appreciate this song much more on the Instrumental release of the album that was recently released.

Age Of Darkness is like listening to an old favorite of mine; the Swede Richi M! I love it! A hint of Jean Michel Jarre too in this one, so good stuff. I also love the exotic Koto move Galaxy Hunter does on Gods Were Astronauts, in addition to high quality melodies and instruments in this one. Finally I love the fact that artists take time to make Intro and Outro to their albums. Galaxy Hunter even includes a Centro :) However what is this...? A bonus remix by Marco Rochowski! Just to make sure to leave on a high note? Well, the high note was already established in a long album that never turns boring. Congratulations Zibi and your girls, on one giant leap for spacesynth-kind.

Age Of Darkness, Secret Of Holy Grail, We Create The Future, Sleeping Child (Marco Rochowski Remix)


4 / 5


2009-10-08 23:19:48